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The Complete Mackenzies Collection (Mackenzie's Mountain; Mackenzie's Mission; Mackenzie's Pleasure; A Game of Chance; Mackenzie's Magic). Read more. Howard, Linda - MacKenzie's 01 - MacKenzie's Mountain · Read more · Howard, Linda - Mackenzies 05 - Mackenzie's Magic. Read more. Linda Howard-Mackenzie's Magic. Christmas Kisses. Maris, the only Mackenzie daughter, is magic. She's fey, almost psychic and can charm the wildest horse.

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Mackenzies Magic Linda Howard Pdf

Mackenzie's Magic book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The final chapter of Linda Howard's beloved Mackenzie family sag. Download and Read Free Online Mackenzie's Magic Linda Howard Mackenzie's Magic by Linda Howard Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Three of Silhouette's best-known writers revisit for the s families they created in earlier books. In "MacKenzie's Magic,".

Shelves: strong-hero , hot-hot-hot , plot-inconsistencies , strong-heroine , major-letdown , novella , obvious-plot-contrivance , villain-was-lame This little novella came as a real letdown for me. I've been happily working my way through the MacKenzie series and was really looking forward to Maris's story. After hearing endless references to Maris in all the other books, I couldn't wait to see what Howard would do for Wolf and Mary's only daughter. And the premise of this book was great. If it had been a full-length novel instead of this short novella I probably would have loved it. But instead the great premise only serves to tease and i This little novella came as a real letdown for me. But instead the great premise only serves to tease and irritate me with the glimpse of what might have been.

Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and memorable dialogue. I am interested in other works by this author. Such a surprise and wonderful book. Wolf and Mary as the main characters, Joe and others rounding out a stellar secondary cast.

Both Wolf and Mary were well-developed and the author kept them consistent throughout the story. She was simple, but strong and fearless.

Wolf was a cautious man, consistently stoic and steadfast. The book handled two very difficult subjects: Both were woven into the fabric of the story and with the skillful development of the plot and the characters, the book was enjoyable and not tacky. The budding relationship and beautiful romance was sensual and not erotic, which added to this delightful story.

Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play

I like her character development and the presentation of her storylines. I enjoyed this book even though it is not my go-to genre. This took a bit getting used to. You cannot help but fall in love with Wolf someone who has being unfairly treated because of his "breed". But that is not all this book is about. I loved the way the relationship develops between Wolf and Mary and how they were out to protect each other from harm be it hurtful remarks or physical hurt.

Throw in the fact that Mary is an awesome, no nonsense taking teacher who fights to make people see the wrong in their ways, and you have a good story there. Although I enjoyed the suspense of the storyline, it was quite obvious in my opinion who the culprit is. The vital role Joe played in the story adds to the allure of this book. One person found this helpful.

I fell in love with this book from the moment Mary started up the mountain to find out why a top student dropped out of school. She was underdressed for the harsh Wyoming weather yet determined not to let it stop her.

When her car dies she starts walking to the house with no idea how much further it might be. Wolf finds her on his way down the mountain for supplies, she is beyond just cold. While Wolf might be harsh in attitude he was gentle in helping her warm up, mind you they get heated in more than one way.

The attraction between these two is apparent and the reason she's there has nothing to do with that. Mary is going to get a rude awakening to the way the town feels about the Mackenzie's and Wolf's past.

Plenty of suspense as the past rears its ugly head. Wolf tries to stay away from Mary even though she stands up for him and Joe at every turn, but the heat of their attraction won't be held at bay. So much to love in this book, from Mary's strength and convictions, Joe's thirst for knowledge and obsession with flying, to Wolf's Alpha tendencies and way with horses.

I am totally hooked on this series and am reading the next one Mackenzie's Mission. I admired Mary so much for her bravery and willingness to not only stand up for the Mackenzies, but to show without any hesitation whatsoever that she cared for them both. Wolf and Mary were both great characters.

Even when Wolf was being all grumpy and growly, you knew the man was crazy about Mary. Gradually bits and pieces start to come back to her, but not everything. She remembers that the man with her is Alex, but goes by Mac and that she ran to him for help last night because someone was trying to kill a horse under her care. They made a run for it with the horse and have been reported as thieves so people are looking for them.

However, Mac is actually an undercover FBI agent who had been working on the ranch to investigate a rash of horse-killings linked to insurance fraud and a murder in another state.

He wasn't sure at first if Maris was involved, but now believes that she wasn't. The reason Maris's head is aching and her memory is spotty, aside from plot contrivance, is that she has a concussion from being attacked by the bad guys. The attraction between Maris and Mac is scorching but unfortunately it isn't really paid off.

Maris takes all of five minutes to decide that Mac is her one true mate, the way all the MacKenzie men have found their soulmates. Except those men took days and lots of sex to get to know their women before deciding they were meant to be together.

Maris hasn't even kissed Mac and this groggy "what's going on, how did we get here?

Linda Howard | Open Library

So I totally didn't download the insta-love. And it's even more ridiculous that she tells Mac straight out that they're going to get married, and he's kind of on board with the idea. Totally unbelievable. I don't care how attracted he is to her or how much he admires her spirit, etc. The idea being that the killers don't know that she's lost her memory and will want to shut her up before she rats them out.

In the ensuing 21 years of writing for her own pleasure, following junior college Linda worked in the transportation industry, where she met Gary F.

Howard, Linda - MacKenzie's 01 - MacKenzie's Mountain

Howington, her husband. As she continued to write fiction, concentrating on romantic stories. She eventually worked up the courage to submit a manuscript for publication. It was like putting your naked baby into the mailbox.

And I lost 20 pounds waiting to hear from them.

Linda Howard

I couldn't eat. She has over 10 million books in print around the world, and has written more than 25 titles.

Linda Howard is a charter member of RWA, joining in shortly after it was formed. She is one of the original members of her local RWA chapter, has served as treasurer, vice president, and president of that chapter, and has twice been a RITA finalist. In addition to her wide public acclaim, Linda has also been honored by both the critics and her peers many times.

She has won the B. Now, Linda has three grown step-children and three grandchildren.

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