This chapter picks up right where “The Silver Storm”—the prologue to Emerald City Knights—left off, with the heroes dealing with the aftermath of the strange. “The Silver Storm” is designed for six to eight Mutants &. Masterminds heroes in the power level 8 to 10 range. It can accommodate a power level 12 hero as part . Emerald City Knights Overview (free download!) Note: The Emerald City Knights adventure series also appears in the Emerald City sourcebook, available in PDF and gorgeous, full-color, shiny hardback book. Emerald City Knights is a complete Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.

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    Emerald City Knights Pdf

    Emerald City Knights (PDF) An adventure series for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition Authors: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Prof. “Emerald City Knights” is the first Heroes Journey series for MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS Third Edition. It introduces the new Emerald City setting, a Pacific. Welcome to Emerald City! Emerald City Knights is an adventure series designed for six to eight MUTANTS. & MASTERMINDS heroes in the power level 8 to

    July 5, This review covers Chapter 2 of 6. I'll be as spoiler free as possible since I may end up using this myself and others may get their own opportunity to play. Chapter 2 was released back in May but for various reasons I haven't had the time for a proper review until now. The font is easily readable, being presented without annoying script fonts and generally overlaid on bare white or very washed out background. The artwork is generally top notch as well with a great deal of new work. As a step forward they also included a handful of simple top-down maps for use with the three major combat scenes in the chapter. This is definitely a nice add-on, and something sorely missed from the first two. Content-wise this is a 27 page PDF which is about the same size as Chapters 0 and 1 combined providing further evidence that those two may have originally been written as a single product. Five scenes are presented with the first being a direct pick-up from the cliffhanger ending of Chapter 1. While I found the first scene to be interesting, and it may well prove to have clues to the larger meta-plot when I ran it with my small tabletop group they couldn't have chosen an action more contrary to that which the scene was predicated upon. I strongly suggest that anybody running this as a GM be prepared, it may not play out like the author apparently expected. Scene 2 is a role playing heavy scene that suffers from having NPCs for the GM to use who are simply not fleshed out as thoroughly as they ought to be to be able to interact with the PCs.

    Of all the plainclothes division, Det. Buckner is most willing to cooperate with the heroes in solving cases. With her near-encyclopedic knowledge of crime-solving techniques, and an uncanny ability to read people, the heroes quickly find her a most valuable ally and contact. The player characters wont encounter him until after the Storm-related emergencies are under control and theyve received the cold shoulder from most of the rest of the plainclothes division.

    At first, Toliver is formal and inquisitive with the heroes, but if theyve acquitted themselves well to this point, his mood becomes chattier. Hes my uncle. He was an inspiration to meto a lot of us, the Chief relates.

    Be that kind of hero, he says to the players with a handshake and approving smile, Welcome to Emerald City. Much like the to do things on their own.

    The AEGIS personnels attitude feds, the organizations local higher-upsincluding the reflects their conviction that theyre in charge because no slovenly, pudgy, drawling Chief Administrator Joseph one elected or appointed a bunch of folks in masks who D. Mitchellare noticeably annoyed that the formerly dont have the training and experience to handle this stuff.

    This sidebar offers a few ready-to-use media contacts. Use the Reporter archetype on page of the Heros Handbook for all these sample supporting characters. He has few friends as a result, but has the respect of everyone who still values the publics right to know, even when it would rather remain blissfully ignorant. Pollard is surprisingly tech-savvy for a year-old, but its his ability to dig up information from the old-fashioned filing cabinets housing the papers morgue of offline stories dating back to the citys founding that sets him above and apart from his peers.

    Its said with not much exaggeration that if Pollard doesnt know about something, it either never happened, or he hasnt gotten around to filing his story yet. Pollard sees the heroes as kindred outsiders, andmore importantly to himthe potential big story that will finally catapult him to the big time. The heroes soon find its mostly Pollards self-destructive take-no-prisoners degree of truth- seeking thats kept him stuck at the same job since the disco era.

    At the same time, his unflinching commitment to the truth makes him an indispensable information source. All he ever asks in return is a promise from the heroes to be let in on the scoop. Like most of its kind, Hokes show prospers because of its hosts unpredictability. His listeners never know what hes going to say next, and at times, neither does Hoke himself. In truth, Hoke does have a guiding principal: what- ever type or degree of controversy that keeps peoples dials tuned into his show is totally fine.

    Hoke buries the costumed heroes when theyre popular, but if public sympathies turn against them, the characters strangely and perhaps uncomfortably find him to be their biggest booster.

    In either case, the heroes are always welcome on his showratings, remember? The Nightwatchman attracts a lot of callers who are seemingly off their medication. Not all of them make it on the air, and those that tell of some actual wrong-doing bring Hokes usually dormant conscience to the fore and prompt to him to seek help from the citys crime-fighters.

    In the future, the characters may be drawn into investigating cases after a tip from Hoke, or seeking him out whenever they find themselves on the trial of a possible psychopath. While hes in truth a bit of a dullard, his mellifluous voice, reassuring manner, and unerring sense of public empathy make his news reports a welcome, trusted presence in the homes of most city residents.

    Theres very little he can offer the heroes in terms of useful information, but earning his public endorsement has a significant, positive effect on how the ordinary and otherwise intimidated citizens of Emerald react to the new, strangely-powered heroes in their midst. They have to endure a lot of on-air What kind of tree would you be? ORG No one knows who she is or how she comes by her information, but observers of the outr in Emerald City swear by the irregular but seemingly always accurate blog posts made by the mysterious Gray Ghost.

    The Ghost Sightings blog reports on many of the weird and unexplained happenings in and around the city, and while its information is rarely complete and detailed, it is more than enough to keep readers riveted. Naturally, Ghost Sightings can be a valuable Gamemaster tool, providing hooks for future game sessions and a means to keep the heroes investigations on track. However, the Ghosts true identity can be the source of an adventure in and of itself.

    What do the players do if the Ghost suddenly goes silent for an extended period of time? How do they find and help her? And is she all she seems to be? Is it possible the Ghosts true agenda is far more sinister than anyone suspects? The people are nonetheless As the heroes become besieged by surly bureaucrats, the genuinely thankful Still, the Game- Gamemaster should re-emphasize that the citizenry is really master should take a moment to remind the players their quite surprised to see super-types helping out.

    As longtime heroes have made a smash-hit debut in Emerald City. Whatever was in them if anything is now completely gone Following on the heels of the authorities are the members of the Fourth Estate: the media.

    Local news crews arrive Reports are coming in of strange sightings and inci- with eager reporters from the print media nearly all of dents elsewhere in the city, all following the Silver whom have already been scooped by amateur news- Storm.

    There are too many to immediately follow-up hounds posting cell phone videos online. The media on, given the crisis at hand, but its clear there are quickly fixates on the people with the super-powers in the potentially more stormers out there than the ones brightly colored costumes and barrage the heroes with the heroes encountered.

    Its also a good opportunity to intro- player characters with the requisite skills and advantages duce any media-related characters in your series. See the can turn the following clues: Meet the Press sidebar on page 5 for some sample media characters.

    Does a hero have a Relationship with a reporter? Investigation DC 15 : Anyone taking some time to Is a character in Emerald City to interview for a job at a local gather evidence inside the wrecked Redshift truck newspaper or TV station? You can tie all of that in to this scene. If none of the heroes succeed on the check, the Lastly, the press has a habit of naming things and people police likely Detective Buckner can report this infor- in superhero stories, and the monikers they assign tend mation to them later.

    So the end of this scene is a good place to plant the seed of a name for the heroes group by having a Well-informed Investigation or Persuasion, DC reporter throw it out there, often in the form of a tangen- 10 : Heroes with the Well-informed advantage can tial question or statement like: Everyone is wondering: make an Investigation or Persuasion check to learn Who are these new sentinels in Emerald City?

    Most Similarly, quips that the heroes make can become the notably, their technology is being used in some of soundbite of the hour and, before they know it, the media the newer-model hybrid vehicles.

    Just victims round here, now. Scene Type: Investigation It is entirely possible the characters flee the scene before Whilst the featured supporting characters and peeved much, if any, of Scene 2 or Scene 3 can take place.

    Hope- civil servants have their moments on stage, the heroes are fully, they wont, but if it happens, the Gamemaster must also probably checking out the site of the blast and trying try and get the publicity-shy heroes the information they to figure out what happened.

    Therefore, this scene likely need to make it to the next Scene. Whether theyre hour- media, others might be looking for clues. The sections news junkies, itinerant web surfers, or old-school news- following outline what they may find.

    Emerald City Knights Chapter 1 Life In The Aftermath.pdf

    The general citizenrys IM EASY sense of amazement and gratitude about the citys new costumed defenders is evident, along with the mystery No skill checks are required to find out all the following, and trepidation engendered by their rapid departure. If By talking to survivors and witnesses, the heroes get they fail to pick up on this particular nudge, nudge, wink, a decent picture of what happened: truck exploded, wink, the Gamemaster may just have to have an intrepid Storm effects, the stormers rampage, etc.

    Should that fail to shove the player Redshift Energies, based on the vehicles surviving, characters down the proper path, it may just be time to though well-singed, markings. The truck-driver is dead, apparently killed by the blast.

    Emerald City Knights Adventure Series (PDF)

    Cerebral science-y types are bound to run the various bits They also pretty quickly recognize them as products and specks collected at the blast site through a battery of an amazingly advanced technology. Even heroes of tests. Once these brainy characters are away from the from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations find these scene and have time to conduct some lab work on their nanites beyond their peoples capabilities.

    Later, with access to a Laboratory, a couple a steady diet of TV autopsies are bound to make for the of uninterrupted hours, and a DC 20 Expertise with corpses in search of forensic evidence.

    Sadly, there are an appropriate specialty , Investigation, or Technology some who suffered the worst of the explosions effects. While examining their samples under a gious violation of public trust, the authorities grant them powerful microscope, it becomes apparent the dust reasonable access to anyone in their care or custody, as is made up of tiny machines, imperceptible to the well as any needed facilities. The machines the characters collected are not functioning; possibly damaged by the explo- The important thing is not to let the departed become sion.

    Indeed, theyre in the process of breaking down statistics. As the characters examine bodies, mention a into their component elements. Incredible though it personal item still on the deceasedan inscribed wedding seems, they are what the Silver Storm was. Such details are unre- If the heroes make a second excursion to the scene lated to the mystery, but drive home the loss of innocent of the explosion to scour the area for additional life that makes it important for the heroes to solve it.

    More of the microscopic Examinations of most victims reveal only the expected machines are present, inert and breaking down like traumas from the blast, storm, and energy discharges, the ones recovered earlier.

    The nanites seem inert, but arent breaking down like those found outside of a host body. However and whenever the heroes show up, Maximillian The heroes may also learn this later from accessing the Mars welcomes them and ushers them inside his private medical files of a stormer if they lack the required skills office with a reassuring grin.

    Once the player characters and you feel like passing the information along to them. In addition to all the messy forensic stuff, the heroes may Whoever they are, Mars certainly doesnt seem afraid of take a closer look into Redshift Energies itself.

    Polite inqui- them, and the sinister foursome seems to know him well ries dont get them any farther than voice mail or a corpo- enough. It may well appear to the heroes the sketchy- rate-buzzword filled website.

    Impolite ones like break-ins as well as using the Investiga- tion skill to dig up background information on the company Even if the player characters are mellow types, ready to sit is a more fruitful pursuit.

    Taking an hour or no time flat, and drink tranya with their costumed peers, Mars newly with the Well-informed advantage and a check against the arrived guests arent as sociable. The strangers recognize usual DC 10 can turn up the following information: the heroes from the Silver Storm media coverage, and apparently unimpressed by what they sawattack them One Degree of Success: Redshift Energies is a wholly on sight.

    No words or good vibes from the heroes alter owned subsidiary of a company called Paladyne this course, even if there were time for either. Which there Industries. That one of the most successful technology companies they are bad guys probably isnt much of a surprise, but in the world. Its owner is a local plutocrat known as their reasons for being there probably are.

    Maximillian Mars. However, instead of actually doing any detective work on their own, Emeralds caped mountebanks lazily sat around and Scene Type: Combat complained about how their formerly cloistered bad-guy town was now going straight to Hell. At this point, all signs point to Maximillian Mars as the only person who might have a clue as to whats going on. As the message boards over at EmeraldCityEvil. The Big Brain lived up to a public statement, welcoming the citys new costumed his billing and reasoned that Mars, as the smartest guy in heroes and inviting them to meet with him at their Emerald, was most likely to know whats going on.

    When convenience to discuss mutual efforts toward bettering the F. However you get them there, its critical for the Mars to spill what he presumably knows about the Storm.

    Mars for Once they noticed the heroes, the already suspicious bad events to proceed apace. The good news for the heroes is its amazinglyperhaps even ridiculouslyeasy for them to gain an audience with someone who should by rights be extraordinarily busy. He does obey Cyberknights order to blast open a wall for Gargantua on his first action, but after that unleashes a ceaseless bombardment on the good guys.

    Indoors or outdoors makes no difference to himlike Michael Bay, its all about making the explosions happen for Cannon. If things are going too well for evil in this fight, Cannons overconfidence can help tilt the battle back in the heroes favor.

    Giving into his zeal to deliver the kill-shot, Cannon can try to end the fight with an Explosive Shot and care- lessly include some of his teammates in the blast radius. Like his erstwhile allies, Cannon wont stick around to see the end of a losing battle.

    Once two or more of his F.

    Review – Emerald City Knights, Chapter 1: The Aftermath | Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal

    Scene 2 is a role playing heavy scene that suffers from having NPCs for the GM to use who are simply not fleshed out as thoroughly as they ought to be to be able to interact with the PCs. Scene 3 likewise offers role playing but is presented is easier on the GM as the focus is very heavily on the PCs with the NPCs there mostly to ask questions and provide answers in return. Not everybody will have an in depth knowledge of the group from the 2nd Edition of the game Freedom City setting and it was irritating that I couldn't even find a spelled out definition of the AEGIS acronym in the text American Elite Government Intervention Service, by the way.

    Not that this is a bad thing. Both scenes are well assembled and the villain team from Scene 4 is very interesting, I hope they are fleshed out more in the future. An Epilogue wraps up the chapter providing some hints about how GMs can continue during the wait for the next chapter. One Step to the Side Like the chess piece of the knight Emerald City Knights seems to move a little forward and a little to the side. Thankfully there is no backslide here. The production quality has remained, the absence of maps is addressed, and in general the product is very polished.

    On the good side the work is largely well written, the layout is clean, and the artwork is very good. On the negative side aside the general lack of depth for the provided NPCs and NPC groups are detrimental to the product. Likewise the crucial assumption of player behavior for the first scene is a possible stumbling point as particularly different player actions can potentially derail the entire scene.

    The biggest flaw of the product however is carried over from the first two segments: there are no answers given. There is clearly an intricate and developed meta-plot that ties much of the events of these stories together but aside from hints both obscure and overt there is no space reserved to talk to the GM about this plan.

    It really hampers the GM when they need to be flexible enough to accommodate their players but have to do so without knowing if a certain event, action, or bit of information needs to be relayed for the larger story's sake or is dispensable.

    Similarly some of the secrets within the events that are given may, or may not, be intended for the PCs to know.

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